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4WD Weekends out of Perth

A guidebook that covers 18 weekend 4WD trips close to Perth, with comprehensive detail for every trip to guide four-wheel drivers at every turn. Each trip contains historical and cultural background information, along with detailed trip notes containing distances. Also included are GPS waypoints, inset maps, and photographs for each trip.

Includes info on Driving Tips & Navigation by GPS
18 Weekend adventures to choose from.


  • A Southern Stroll
  • Mount Palmer
  • Cape to Cape
  • Wheatbelt Outcrops
  • Down Nannup
  • Ninghan
  • Around the Warren
  • Hatter Hill
  • Cervantes to Lake Indoon
  • Rothsay Extended
  • North of Ninghan
  • Fish Creek
  • Kadji Kadji to Coalseam
  • Follow the Frankland
  • A Kent River Caper
  • Great Southern River
  • A Donnelly Dawdle
  • The Mighty Blackwood

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Product Code: 4WD084