Mova Globes are suitable for gifts, office decoration perpetually moving globes use no electricity, World Globes by MOVA make perfect corporate gifts.
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Perpetual Motion Globes - Mova Globes Mova Globes

The MOVA Globe is a stunning and original piece of design, utilising cutting edge technology to create a mesmerising focal point for any room or office. The technology was developed by an ex-research director at Kodak and was the result of over 10 years of R&D and each design contains over 50 patented technologies. This mean the globes are not only cutting edge but also almost impossible to copy. To our knowledge there are no comparable products on the market

The MOVA Globe will rotate gently, indefinitely and silently under its own power. It contains no batteries and requires no power source or user input or maintenance and will always rotate the direction of the earth’s magnetic field. It comes in a huge variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit any room or personality. It doesn’t even need to be on the included stand. It will spin almost anywhere and on anything.

We also offer a range of interesting, optional bases to display your MOVA globe. Browse through our selection in the Optional Bases Aisle.

To see a Mova Glove in action please follow the YouTube link below:

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